Indiana Education Chief: Featured Creationist Speaker

Indiana’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, Dr. Tony Bennett is listed as the featured speaker for the “Creation Evidence Expo 2009″ which makes the claim that only God the Creator, and not Natural Selection, can be proved scientifically.

We at Creation Evidence Expo seek to bring change within the public school system across the United States by providing overwhelming evidence that the Genesis account of Creation is the only viable and truthful explanation for the origin of man. Therefore, it should be considered as superior to Darwin’s theory of evolution in explaining the existence of the universe and everything in it.

Another notable performing in this extravaganza are former Congressman Mike Sodrel.

Sodrel is a trucking magnate, private citizen since he was bounced out of office, and can do what he wants, but I think some intrepid young journalist ought to get the head of our state’s educational system on record as to whether he agrees that “the Genesis account of Creation is the only viable and truthful explanation for the origin of Man” and whether he holds the opinion that the Genesis explanation is superior to that of the natural selection explanation.


  1. Hoosier 1 says

    Wow, another dickhead move from a guy who doesn’t seem to like public education much – odd for a dude who’s charged with enforcing those laws.

  2. Glenn says

    That is beyond bizarre. Would be nice if someone in the MSM picked up on that. And this organization doesn’t even use terms like “intelligent design,” it’s a blatantly religious organization. Scary.

  3. Mary says

    Scary is right. I think I read somewhere a while back that there is a stealth movement in regard to this issue, getting people into positions not to agitate for but to officially advance this agenda. If true, this would fit right in there.

  4. Mark says

    looks like he’s seen the light (from the Classroom Insider blog in the Star

    June 30, 2009
    Bennett cancels speech at creationism event

    Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett hurriedly called this morning to be removed from the speakers list at an annual conference on Creationism after accidentally agreeing to speak, said Cam Savage, his spokesman.

    The Creation Evidence Expo 2009 listed Bennett on the speakers list for its September conference in Indianapolis. (Speakers list here.) Other speakers include scientists and science teachers who advocate Creationism, the belief the world was created by God as described in the Bible, rather than scientific theories about the creation of the universe.

    Bennett had met with the conference’s organizer, the Rev. Fredrick Boyd, about a mentoring program, Savage said. As they talked, Boyd asked Bennett to come speak at his conference, and the superintendent agreed. But Bennett had assumed he would be speaking about the future of Indiana education and did not know the topic of the conference, Savage said.

    Bennett, a former science teacher, agrees with the Indiana standards for science, which include the teaching of evolution, Savage said.


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