SB 540 – Implementation of the Affordable Care Act

Sen. Tallian has introduced SB 540 which would implement certain provisions of Obamacare. It directs the Department of Insurance to create a health benefit exchange. It also expands Medicaid eligibility and creates the Indiana affordable care study committee to make recommendations about implementation of health benefit exchanges and the appropriate definition of “essential health benefits” for use in Indiana under the Affordable Care Act. The committee would consist of four members of the Senate and four members of the House (two from each party in both cases) as well as the heads of FSSA, the Department of Health, and the Department of Insurance (or their designees.)


    • jharp says

      I would be willing to cover your bet.

      On the medicaid expansion that is. I just can’t see turning down $8 billion for a $480 million dollar investment. $8 billion that hospitals otherwise will be writing off as uncollectible.

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