What is Your Electoral College Prediction?

In response to my last post about the statisticians v. the pundits, a commenter said that the pundits were right that the race would be decided by a razor thin margin in the Electoral College.

My prediction is Obama – 303 to Romney 235. (56.3% to 43.7% in the EC).

Link to my map.

Anyone else care to share their predictions? The winner will get a can full of jack squat. You can generate your own map at: http://www.270towin.com/2012_election_predictions.php


  1. Carlito Brigante says

    I will take the map as drawn at 303 to 235. And when VA is called Obama, you can hit the sack, hit the champaign, or hit the TV with a thrown laptop or tablet.

  2. BAW says

    I’ll go with Larry Sabato’s final post this morning. Obama 290-Romney 248. The Louisville Courier-Journal had an interesting and humorous article in this morning’s paper about a 269/269 tie in the Electoral College.

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