SB 97 – Firearms on State Property

Sen. Banks and Tomes have introduced SB 97 which expands work done last session to allow the public to carry firearms on government property. Currently IC 35-47-11.1 restricts the ability of local government to prohibit members of the public from carrying firearms on local government property.

SB 97 would extend this restriction to state government and its agencies. I note, however, that firearms could still be restricted at the State House because there is an exception for “the enactment or enforcement of a provision prohibiting or restricting the possession of a firearm in any building that contains a courtroom used by the supreme court, court of appeals, or tax court.” I can’t remember if the tax court is there, but “any building that contains a courtroom used by the supreme court” means the State House.

I don’t think firearms would be permitted in either of the Indiana Government Center buildings either, under section 5(6) because they use metal detectors, are staffed by law enforcement officers, and require the inspection of each individual and their bags.

So, this would seem to be meaningless for a huge chunk of state government operations.


  1. says

    The State House might be staffed by armed guards and metal detectors, but are the state government office buildings around the state house as well as the handful of state agencies throughout Indiana?

    Firearms can already be carried in state parks, but I don’t remember if that was passed as a law or if it was an executive order by Daniels.

  2. HoosierOne says

    And what about county and city offices — like the county courthouse?

    Aren’t these the same people who want to be able to defend themselves against the government? I guess they don’t want to take any chances that people will take them seriously.

  3. says

    The previous legislation, now law, makes it illegal for county and municipal governments to ban firearms in places that otherwise would be able to allow them. This means that if a city park system banned guns, they’d no longer be allowed. The exception to the rule would be to have armed security and metal detectors, which places like most (all?) courthouses and the City-County building in Indianapolis have.

  4. T Smithy says

    There will be some confusion with this bill/law for sure. This is definitely the best way to force public universities to allow those with licenses to carry to carry their handgun on the property. However, folks will have to be very careful. For example, some universities have daycare centers, which are still gun-free zones (if the center wants to ban firearms). In addition, the Supreme Court has held at least one hearing in the law school building at IUPUI. Does this mean the law school would be able to ban handguns?

  5. Manfred James says

    As a State employee, I can tell you that they won’t even allow one to carry a box knife into the State House. Never can tell when a former convict, disgruntled worker or pro-union citizen might be seeking revenge, I guess.

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