SB 473 – State House or Bust!

Sen. Merritt has introduced SB 473 which creates the “state house bust commission.” The commission is charged with “consider all aspects of honoring” former governor Mitch Daniels and former chief justice Randall Shepherd with busts for placement in the State House.

Apparently “consider all aspects” doesn’t include considering whether we should be considering a bust of these two at this point. I have no doubt that both will go down in the books as influential parts of the history of Indiana government. But, I’m a believer in not creating monuments to people until after they’re dead. If someone put up a monument to me while I was living, I’d almost consider it a matter of honor to do something spectacularly inappropriate just to make the monument a source of amusement.


  1. Stuart Swenson says

    Doesn’t seem to be a problem in the deep south, once they develop a mythology about your cause. Of course we all know about Indiana’s status as the middle finger of the south, so there is some precedent to follow there. In fact, feel free to hold up a bank or two, or engage in a little creative felony activity and that might even help you along that route. Surely someone will call you a hero.

  2. Johnny from Badger Grove says

    Mitch will get a bust created just by virtue of being a Purdue President. It will be displayed along with the busts of Frannie, Marty, Steve, and the others in the Great Hall in the Memorial Union.

  3. Paul K. Ogden says

    Premature at best, Doug, I agree. Undoubtedly history will deem them bust worthy but we should wait. At least a waiting period. There is a reason why sports has a waiting period on the Halls of Fame.

    I also echo Gary’s comments on the law schools. I loathe that. I refuse to put the Robert McKinney law school on my resume. Funny, when the Monroe County Law School aka IU Law School at Bloomington was renamed the Mickey Mauer Law School, people took to calling it the Mickey Mouse Law School. They quickly changed it to the Michael Mauer Law School.

  4. MartyL says

    Reminds me that for many years, US money did not bear the likeness of any actual individual person, living or dead, instead showing “Lady Liberty” (often in a diaphonous gown), or perhaps a bison, or an maybe an eagle. It was more artistic, and less political.

  5. knowledge is power says

    it would be hilarious if a bust/monument of Daniels was done
    promptly then followed by a grand jury indictment handed up.

  6. Stuart Swenson says

    The dust has not settled with that administration. Today, the Evansville Courier-Press announced some subsidence on I-69, a two-inch drop, from a mine under the highway that had, by Daniel’s admission, been built on the cheap and isn’t even finished. Instead of a bust, maybe they ought to call I-69 the “Daniels Freeway”.

  7. Stuart Swenson says

    It’s hard to interpret the meaning of some political slogans, but when they said “Major Moves”, maybe they were thinking about the two-inch drop on I-69.

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