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Hoosier Access on the change we can expect if Obama is elected (h/t RedHawk Hoosier):

And the bit about getting into people’s faces – that’s right in line with the mindset of the baggy pants wearing crowd. Get into their face, maybe wave a shank or shiv, flash some signs.

You’ll see change in January if the Presidential limo starts sporting spinner wheels, fuzzy dice, and a BOOMING subwoofer mounted in the trunk blasting Ludacris. That change, is what will be left in your pocket after the Government gets done shaking you down for every last dollar you have.

Thuggz, baggy pants, shanks, shivs, spinner wheels, fuzzy dice, booming subwoofer, gang signs. Oh I get it! Barack Obama is half black. Of course he’s going to act like a gangsta if he gets in the (ahem) “White” House. Ah, but what can we expect in terms of watermelon and fried chicken? Big lips? Nappy hair? Cadillac driving welfare queens? Gold grills & pimp suits? Sleeping with white women!

What a racist piece of shit.

Update The offending passages, quoted above, have been removed from the original post.


  1. says

    Maybe we should break out the redneck generalizations. After all, he did misquote Jefferson with something Franklin said. I was going to comment there, then thought, why? I’m not going to waste my time with someone that doesn’t even source their quotes, much less lay out a reasoned argument.

  2. tripletma says

    Yuck. I went over to Hoosier Access and now I have to take a shower…

    Their response to the pushback from the comment? – “but, but they treated Sarah Palin so much worse……”

  3. says

    It seems after Hoosier Access’ valiant defense of what was written in a new post, they quietly edited out the racist paragraph I quoted. Nice try but we all know what was originally written. Unreal.

  4. Wilson46201 says

    Hoosier Access posted a weak defense of the offending posting but then proceeded to slam Gary Welsh by whining that unlike some bloggers, at least they weren’t claiming Obama is a homosexual Muslim or not a US citizen. These claims have been persistently peddled by that petty bigot and smalltown gossip on AdvanceIndiana.
    You know you’re out in la-la land when even Hoosier Access calls you a deranged extremist!

  5. says

    They always delete this stuff when they realize that Mitch and the gang — no, not THAT kind of gang — won’t be able to make cute YouTube videos for them anymore if they openly express their latent racism. The GOP playbook provides plenty of codewords to get that stuff out, but some people just don’t play by the rules…

  6. tumbleweed says

    Yes clearly Mitch was behind this. The GOP’s “latent racism” is only overshadowed by the monolithic view of the DOP’s stance that everything that is not Democratic is racist.

    Clearly the HA post was racist, but only a partisan hack would determine that it’s indicative of the whole of the GOP’s constituency agreeing with its message. As an antithesis, one might suggest that all DOP followers support the unceremonious murder of children born live even after a ‘failed’ abortion.

    I don’t think Mitch is chuckling this morning in the glow of the HA post. Do you think Long-Thompson is chuckling this morning in the glow of 4000 abortions across the nation yesterday?

  7. Wilson46201 says

    Speaking of GOP racism: this is the same crowd that couldnt find a single African-American Hoosier to be a Convention Delegate to Minneapolis. Indiana Republicans sent a lily-white group to represent them nationally!

  8. tumbleweed says

    what the hell is the DOP? the democratic order of planets?

    That sounds about right–so long as it has nothing to do with this planet or Earthlings.

    Ok, so Thomas’ comment… Let’s review, eh?

    HA comment = racism
    HA comment = conservative view
    HA comment = republican view
    HA comment = GOP view
    HA comment = Daniels
    Thus, Daniels is a racist, and hates blacks. He’s ok with Asians, any variety of Hispanics, Serbians, Norwegians, Austrians, Pacific Islanders, Spaniards, Indonesians, Cubans, Brazilians…but he just hates those blacks, especially Obama. Because, he’s so…so…THE COMPETITION.

    How convenient that any resistence to Obama’s sewer-dirty connections to various players in the Chicago machine can be pegged by D O P devotees as racism. God forbid we disagree with a candidate that is black. Are all Americans supposed to give him a free pass based on his race?

    “They always delete this stuff when they realize that Mitch and the gang — no, not THAT kind of gang — won’t be able to make cute YouTube videos for them anymore if they openly express their latent racism.”

    Hmmm…seems to be a near cry.

  9. says

    note to tumbleweed: if you’re going to make up nonsense words to refer to people you don’t like, at least try to be clever about it. hell, even democRAT is more clever than “DOP”, which just makes you sound like you don’t know the actual name of the party.

  10. tumbleweed says

    Oh, angry, irrelevant Wilson. Even your own ranks shudder at your dumpster-diving presence.

    Should the GOP enlist representatives based on race? Does local government? For the sake of argument, let’s put aside the glory of Gray, Minton-McNeil and Brown. Is Democratic government racially balanced to represent the community? Yes? But for all your wails of “RACISM,” will you be sated when both Dems and Reps are forced to have a mathematically balanced ticket and representation based on race?

    Sounds like a recipe for further defining ourselves based on skin color. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to be fighting against?

  11. Wilson46201 says

    umm…when one party obviously excludes Blacks, that’s a pretty damn obvious sign of old-fashioned segregation and bigotry. The GOP has NO African-Americans whatsoever in the Indiana Legislature as well as absolutely no Blacks in the US Congress. Blacks with political elected power are all Democrats.

    But tumbleweed keeps rolling along in his desolate 1890’s landscape…

  12. Wilson46201 says

    By the way, Indianapolis is about 1/3 non-white. If the GOP wishes to exclude a third of the electorate from its possibilities of voters, thats just political stupidity and election suicide…

  13. says

    Race can defeat Obama,but I don’t see how it can get him elected. Blacks would vote for anyone white with the same political views Obama has. Isn’t racism voting against someone for his race,not for him for his race? Isn’t racism exclusion based on race? But we’ve all heard the argument that integration is a form in racism. It is one of the ways race is spun on occasion.

    Whites voting for whites could be a manifestation of racism under this definition of racism. But maybe I just pointed out why there are those who say that racism is widespread in the USA.It’s all these white people voting for white people.

  14. says

    I’ve always found ‘racism’ to be when one’s actions are motivated by race. Thus, voting for a white person because you are white, as the motivating factor, is racism. Etc.

    That doesn’t seem to be the prevailing view, though.

  15. says

    Personally, I find Wilson’s and Lou’s comments about “blacks” offensive as well, though I’m not accusing them of racism. Using “blacks” and “whites” is common terms that almost everyone seems to fall prey to at times, including me.

    Grouping people by skin color just needs to stop. Obama isn’t an African-American, he is an American with tan skin.

  16. Rev. AJB says

    Dang-guess I need to wear my Obama t-shirt to the gym TWICE this week;-) I promise I will wash it in between wearings. I had it on Firday and was sharing weights with a guy who had on a “God Bless America” t-shirt. Decided not to take off my i-pod and have a conversation with him.

    Did any of you see the opening of SNL last night? It was pretty good-McCain approving his ads.

    The one ad I liked the best was, “Barack Obama fathered two blach children…in wedlock.”

    BTW they forgot that the presidential limo will soon have hydraulics and neon lights on the underside.

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