McCain Supporters

This is proof of nothing in particular, just a fun little video of a few of the chowder heads supporting McCain. The videographer’s point being that these folks are idiots if they are against Obama because he is “unknown” and “mysterious” while they apparently have no problem with supporting Sarah Palin about whom less is known than Obama.


  1. T says

    People just like these morons gave us our last eight years.

    The ACORN lady cracks me up. As if Wall Street decided the best way to make a fortune was to leverage $30-40 trillion on low income housing. It’s just a stupid suggestion on its face.

  2. T says

    Or if she didn’t get anyone to register to vote.

    That’s why all we’re going to hear coming up is ACORN, and voter fraud. The Republicans are getting buried by our registration and ground game. So they’ll find some people who registered 72 times, or registered as Donald Duck, and allege it means anything. Clearly, if someone tries to vote 72 times, it will be noticed the second time, because his name will already be marked off. But that won’t stop the McCain side from alleging unfairness, pre-election.

  3. Rev. AJB says

    They sound just like the videos on Fred Phelps site.

    I still love the “his name makes him a terrorist.”

    What about John SIDNEY McCain? Does that make him a Red Coat? Does he bow down to the Queen? I mean his middle name is Sidney-and that’s a good enough link for me;-)

  4. Rev. AJB says

    BTW-couldn’t help but notice this was filmed in Ohio-the Buckeye state. And y’all know what a Buckeye is?

    A worthless NUT!!!!

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