Defendant Threatens Tippecanoe County Law Enforcement & Judiciary; Calls It “Satire”

Eric Lach, writing for TPM Muckraker, reports that Samuel Bradbury of Pine Village, Indiana has posted threats to kill West Lafayette, Ind. police officer Troy Greene, Tippecanoe County Sheriff Tracy Brown, Tippecanoe County Judge Les Meade, and Indiana Supreme Court Loretta Rush on Facebook on June 19. He said he was part of a group that intended to blow up the Tippecanoe County courthouse with thermite.

Police in West Lafayette got a tip about the post on June 21, and, that night, they executed a search warrant at Bradbury’s house. According to the affidavit, officers searching Bradbury’s room found three 115 gram bags of aluminum powder and three 345 gram bags of black iron oxide — both substances used to make thermite.

The post was bracketed by “disclaimers” – at the top and bottom of the posts, he claims that the threats were a free speech exercise. Bradbury claimed ties to the Las Vegas cop killers, Jerad and Amanda Miller. He now faces both state and federal charges related to the threats.

If that was meant to be “satire,” he’s doing it wrong.


  1. David Z says

    Seems legit…threaten public servants with forcible felonies…say you “didn’t mean it” and walk on the charges. It’s a bold move. Let’s see how it works out for him. I’m guessing a one way ticket to Terre Haute for a long time.

  2. says

    I’ll go out on a limb and just say thoughts are not crimes and neither is speech. Had a client recently who in a delusional fit said he was going to blow up the school. Of course, he was not, but the FBI arrested, charged, and accepted the plea bargain to a FELONY, despite his mental illness.

    My experience, both working for the government and with the government now, is that they are little too sensitive to things which are in poor taste. And, Doug’s last comment is correct: this is not good satire

  3. Stuart says

    Tim, this is a huge problem with all kinds of predictions. There are people who we believe are dangerous, and they are. There are people who we don’t believe are dangerous, and aren’t. Then the problem: the people who we believe are dangerous, but aren’t–the ones who people like to write off as a rare mistake. And then people who we believe aren’t dangerous, but are–the ones the media beats on. This a a problem in medicine, psychology, law and every other profession where people expect folks to make predictions. The masses expect perfection nobody is right 100% of the time. Then we have the police who seem to think that all are murderers until proven innocent. Not sure how much that protects us from the ones who we think are bad but are not, but it sure contributes to a lot of innocent people being treated as guilty.

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