Crazy, if true

Bil Browning at bilerico has caught wind of an amazing rumor.

From what I’m hearing, the Republicans are still angry that SJR-7, the constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage and civil unions, failed on a tie vote in the House earlier this year. Before they’re willing to address property tax reform, they want the amendment back on the table and passed in the same special session. No amendment – no tax relief.

I tend to think a special session is a bad idea for other reasons. Rushed, pressured, and panicked is no way to approach comprehensive property tax reform. But if these wingnuts are refusing to address a real problem (property taxes) if they don’t get a chance to address a fake problem (gay marriage), that’s pretty incredible. I guess their single-mindedness is impressive even if their critical thinking skills are not. If the rumor is true, anyway.


  1. Jonathan says

    Of course, one might note that gay marriage, either side of that issue which one happens to fall on (unless one just ignores it and hopes it goes away) constitutes a “problem” to be dealt with in some fashion (legalization or prevention). The true problem here would be (if actually confirmed) the lawmakers trying to link that issue with an unrelated one in hope of trying to pass it without necessary deliberation.


  2. says

    Eh, I would say that the right wing wankery is to be expected at this point, and the wankers, as it were, are the crazy ones.

    Mere semantics, I know, but these guys just don’t surprise me anymore.

  3. Don Sherfick says

    But what’s being missed here entirely is the fact that the root cause of high property taxes is, think about it: same sex marriage? It’s about as silly to ask how two people of the same gender being legally hitched can affect those of opposite plumbing as it is to ask how your house cost more than mine next door but my assessment and taxes are higher. Or is it? The same “activist judges” who screwed up the Indiana property tax situation are the same ones that will end traditional nuptuals as we know them with the stroke of a pen. Pass SJR7 and automatically all assessments will go down at least 50%. It’s a no-brainer.

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