Christmas on Greenview Drive

An individual in the Battle Ground area has gone nuts with a pretty spectacular Christmas light show he has dubbed Christmas on Greenview Drive. (Map). He has the lights synchronized with music and has a little micro-broadcast going on so you can hear the music on your car stereo when you’re outside of the residence. Not sure how his neighbors feel about all of this, but the show is pretty cool. Harper told me she thought it looked like “the lights are laughing.”

Donations are accepted and passed along to local charities. A sample:

2008 Christmas on Greenview – Wizards in Winter from Chris Hoover on Vimeo.


  1. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Glavash says

    Wow!! Bravo to the folks who thought this up!! Remarkable! We visited the site last night with friends and plan to take our friends and family there before the season ends. What a show! Thanks for entertaining us!

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