Another Pacer arrested

Indiana Pacer, Shawne Williams, is being held on marijuana charges. I can’t get too worked up about a pro basketball player having marijuana, but this is just another brick in the Pacers’ Wall O’ Crap. I wasn’t much of a pro basketball fan until the early/mid 90s when Reggie and the boys started making an annual run in the playoffs. I remember summers in law school going to Kilroys Sports Bar in Bloomington and putting down pints of Killians while watching the Pacers in the playoffs. But I digress.

The team went flat during the Isiah Thomas years and then surged again under Larry Legend. Rick Carlisle had a pretty solid run until Artest and The Brawl. Since then, the team has spiraled into oblivion; looking like a mediocre bunch of thugs. I just hope the Pacers can get their act together before the Colts fade too far.


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