2013 Bills Not Yet Available

I’ve been a little bummed this year that the bills for the 2013 General Assembly haven’t been available as early as they have been in years past. Usually, it seems like I can start getting a look at them the last week of December. This year, it’s starting to look like they won’t be available until the General Assembly convenes on January 7. Which would make some sense, since I don’t think bills are technically “introduced” until then. Still, I enjoy having some time to browse before the hustle and bustle of the session gets everything moving quickly.


  1. Stuart Swenson says

    I think that’s “compassionate conservativism” at work. They don’t want you to be horrified until the holidays are over.

  2. Jack says

    I am in agreement that the failure/delay/whatever in posting material is interesting. Check the schedule and you get a two year old one day schedule.

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